Anesthesia Machines

Anesthesia Machine Manufacturers & Exporters

Octopus Medical is one of the fastest growing Refurbshied Medical Equipment Compines in India and has today an enviable product range in the Healthcare space covering Patient Monitoring Systems, High-frequency Mobile X-ray devices with Integrated CR System, Electrosurgical Unit, Anaesthesia Workstations, ICU Ventilators, Mobile C-Arm, Syringe Pumps and Critical care devices.

Octopus Medical is a leading manufacturer of medical equipment specializing in the field of Critical Care, Anaesthesia, and Radiology. we also provide Digital sensor and imaging software for Intra Oral application, complete Direct Radiography Solution with Multi-Axis Positioning System,
High-Frequency Fixed RAD system with Bucky Table. Our Critical Care Equipment like ICU ventilator, 3 Channel ECG machine, Anaesthesia Ventilators, and Multi-parameter Monitor are available in various types consistent with client needs and appreciated by Doctors for his or her performances. ScanRay provide cost effective
ultrasound service solutions that keep your Ultrasonic System operating at peak performance.

We are one of the renowned Anesthesia Equipment Manufacturers in India.
Our wide product array include Anesthesia Workstation of Multiple types as per
requirements, Anesthesia Ventilator, Emergency / Transport Ventilator, Temperature Compensated Vaporiser and many more.