Medtronic ACT Plus


The ACT Plus® System combines a trusted standard in precise clot detection technology with state-of-the-art user features including data management and connectivity-ready capabilities. It is a microprocessor-controlled electromechanical coagulation instrument designed to determine coagulation endpoints in fresh and citrated whole blood samples. Clotting-time results are presented on the instrument’s Clot Time Display (CTD) and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens.

The ACT Plus System provides long-term data storage and retrieval, with access to previous patient and quality control test data. Test results are stored in the order in which they are performed. The ability to externally transfer or save data enhances the system’s versatility.

The ACT Plus System is portable and well suited for all point-of-care testing situations. It offers the reliability required in:

Cardiovascular and vascular surgery
Cardiac catheterization laboratories
Critical care units
Hemodialysis units


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