Zeiss OPMI Vario/ S88

Zeiss OPMI Vario / S88 Features

Optics and illumination have been the centerpiece of Carl Zeiss surgical microscopes in the past, and the OPMI® Vario is no different. Its apochromatic optical design delivers high image quality, resolution and color fidelity.

A rock-steady suspension system is a must for good visualization. The suspension systems for OPMI Vario / S88 were designed to meet this requirement. Once positioned, the surgical microscope stays where needed, allowing clinical staff to focus on the surgical procedure.

OPMI Vario / S88 lives up to its name: its flexibility and expandability cover neuro, spine, ENT, and P&R applications. It is suitable for both routine and more complex procedures.

  • Extraordinary image quality, improved resolution and incredible color fidelity delivered by the brilliant, totally apochromatic optics.
  • Internal focus mechanism known as the Varioscope – the surgeon can focus up or down the focal plane without changing lenses.
  • The Zeiss zoom system provides an excellent field of view and magnification.
  • Xenon illumination brilliantly illuminates even the finest details without distorting their natural colors.



Zeiss OPMI Vario / S88 Specifications


  • Motorized Carl Zeiss zoom, 1:6 ratio, adjustable via handgrip or foot control panel

Focusing system Varioskop®

  • Imaging area at full longitudinal extension = 73” (185cm) with optional headrest attached and 61” (155 cm) without optional headrest attached.

Working Range

  • 200 – 415 mm
  • 210 – 535 mm with Auxiliary Lens (optional)

Main binocular tube

  • 0-180° Tiltable tube, f = 170 mm or f = 200 mm, 10x or 12,5x wi defield eyepieces
  • Foldable tube f170 /f260, including PROMAG™ function for additional 50% magnification and integrated rotate function (optional)


  • Superlux® 180 for main and backup illumination: 180 W xenon lamp with daylight color temperature, backup xenon lamp in fast-action changer



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